Khipu Database Project

The Chachapoyas Calendar Khipu

The "Calendar Khipu", UR006, is the largest khipu found at Laguna de los Condores, and incorporates data from two other khipu in the Chachapoyas collection.

UR006. Photo by Gary Urton.

In addition to being very large, the Calendar Khipu has a rare construction feature. Loop pendants, pendants attached at both ends to the primary cord, are used in a regular pattern throughout the khipu. When analyzing the Chachapoyas khipu with the database, it was found that a portion of the Calendar Khipu is very similar to two other entire khipu from the site. The diagram below shows UR021 and UR009 complete, on either side of the related section of UR006. The lines join matching or closely matching segments of each khipu.

Here are photos of the three khipu, with the affected portion of the Calendar khipu bracketed.